Our Story

"Even before the idea to start our venture was a mere spark, there was a bond of love and care, a precious bond that we share only with our fur babies as they are family! "

- Malvika

A Message from Founder

Growing up, I have always been in the company of paw babies and fortunately have received unconditional love from them. My first paw angel, Jimmy, was introduced to me by my parents when I was 10 years old. Today, when I account for my younger self, I can confidently say it was the purest love that I ever received. It taught me empathy and loyalty - in true sense.

In 2016, I was traumatized by a personal loss and in a way, was under depression. It was the worst feeling and was a tough phase of my life! Fortunately, my life savior, Rusty, came into my life. A month-old Dachshund puppy, Rusty has helped me battle the tough circumstances. As on today, Rusty and Toffee, a lovely Dachshund couple, are my love and an eminent part of my family.

Founding Petz Essentials

In today’s era, depression has become a cause of many unfamiliar problems. Our paw babies can help us in many ways to live a healthy, anxiety-free life filled with innocent memories. With an aim to give a healthy and long life to our paw babies, I have created Petz Essentials.

Through our products, I want to reach more paw parents, creating awareness to use more natural and organic products. We have already received loyal customers and the number is increasing manifolds. As a brand, we support the responsible adoption of paw babies and through our products, it is our responsibility to provide viable solutions to each problem.